Human rights

Retaking The Jewel At All Cost

Looking at the remains of what used to be home

I am happy for the people of jewish faith for finally having a country of their own where they can feel safe with being jewish. The question that comes to my mind is whether they are really safe there. It seems that ever since its establishment Israel has been the target of animosity by its neighbors. There have been talks of how Israel could have achieved peace with its neighbors and most importantly with Palestinians.

Koh-i-Noor is claimed by at least four countries, and currently in possesion of the Great Britain. “Koh-i-noor (Mountain of Light)” by aiva. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I would like to think of Israel as a priceless piece of art that is fought over by two parties each having legitimate claims. Consider person A, an eleventh generation descendent of a previous owner of some exquisite art affect. It was stolen from his ancestor a long time ago. Person A has recently found the art affect, eleven generations after it was stolen. To him this seems like a miracle.

Now consider person B. He is the current owner of the art affect. Person B has inherited the art affect from an ancestor of his going back five generations. Person B’s ancestor was a respectful citizen who legitimately purchased the art affect at an auction.

When person A finds the art affect’s where about, (in person B’s possession) he demands the immediate return of the art affect to him as the legitimate heir of the family from which the art affect was stolen. He is arguing that since it was stolen from his family, person B’s ownership over the stolen art affect is void.

Person B refuses to hand over the art affect arguing that since his ancestor purchased it legally, and he has inherited it legally as well, there are no laws that obligates him to return the art affect to person A.

There is now a legal battle going on over the ownership of the art affect. Suddenly person A decides to take the law into his own hands by stealing the art affect. The situation has now escalated to war. So what is the solution?

I think, if person A and person B each insist on keeping the art affect all to themselves, then inevitably it will be war. But what if they both agree to lend the art affect to a museum and then split their share of profit between themselves?

Today most every body acknowledges the right to existence of the jewish land Israel. However it seems as though most Israelis have undermined the fact that at the time when Europeans of jewish faith returned to their ancestral land, there were already other people there, who had lived there for several generations without failing to respect the sanctity of that Biblical land.

I wonder whether Israelis have ever considered compensating Palestinians for the loss of their land? Have Palestinians ever been granted any special privileges? What Israelis have done seems similar to what person A is up to, (which is simply taking away what he perceives as legitimately his). I think the situation could have been very different had Israelis honored Palestinians (for being the previous inhabitants of the Holy Land), with compensations and granting some social status as well as special privileges. Then there would be peace in what is now the State of Israel. To me Israelis’ failure to respect Palestinian’s rights may be the reason to blame for allowing foreign interference (by countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia) with an affair that would be non of theirs to begin with. I wonder whether it is too late for the damage to be undone.

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