Human rights

Paradise Only For US?

The ollowing page contains adult materials not suitable to be viewed by children. Parental guidance is advised.

For somme one who happened to live in a developed country we often times we tend to forget how lucky we are to not live in a place that could be far worse. Even in the developed world, there may be places that things are not exactly the way they should be. One may not think that in the developed world too human rights violations can happen. Well it seems that there is one country where it does. Ironically that place is considered as the holiest place on earth. One should take a pic.

The two photos are related to the air raid on Gaza in 2014 with white phosphorus munition . Amazingly Mr. Netanyahu never had to stand trial for any counts of the Geneva Convention violations.

“The Holy Land” has always refused to acknowledge the massacre of a million and a half human beings. Men, women, children, babies, elderlies, and pregnant women were killed or tortured to death. As with pregnant women; their bellies were cut open, the fetus would be taken out. Then while the mother was still alive, she would be forced to watch her baby being cut into pieces.

As unspeakable as they were, much of the atrocities

[1]committed by soldiers who were sadistically entertaining themselves with
have been witnessed and sometimes documented (Museum of Genocide).

During the Armenian Genocide many Armenians were burned alive. To my understanding, that is called Holocaust

[2] statement Wikimedia FoundationPowered by MediaWiki Oxford Dictionaries (2017): “from Old French holocauste, via late Latin from Greek holokauston, from holos ‘whole’ + kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘burn’)”
Yes I am talking about the Armenian Genocide. The Netanyahu’s “Holy land” has not only refused to recognize the Armenian genocide but also has been hostile toward Armenians. To the best of my knowledge Armenians (living in Israel) have been nothing but nice to “The holy land” they live in. Netanyahu of “The Holy Land” supplied the enemies with highly advanced weaponry as well as the intelligence needed to “crush Armenians”. I am not going to be surprised to find out that the white phosphorus that was used against Armenians, had come from Netanyahu’s “Holy Land”. Benji seems to be giving a hand to Armenians’ arch enemies to finish what Talaat Pasha left off during the wold war I. So far Netanyahu has maintained his silence and refused to offer any explanation for his action. “The Holy Land” still seems to be supporting Armenians’ arch enemies. Interestingly two of Armenia’s arch enemies seems to be United States closest allies in the middle east. I personally find Armenia to be a far more Christ like nation than any other. And that is not all due to its being the first country to adopt Christianity.

If that is not enough then one should take a look at Yemen and Syria to look for a place where life can be much tougher than it is in the U.S. Not surprisingly another one of United States’s closest allies in the middle east seems to be directly responsible for the humanitarian crisis Yemen and Syria are experiencing now.

In another one of United States close allies kidnapping and rape of Christian girls seem to be an ordeal. In Pakistan the anti blasphemy laws

[3] And to the best of my knowledge no real punishment for committing perjury
makes Christians an easy target for personal revenge.

Muslim rapist of 2 year old Christian girl sentenced to 25 years imprisonment–to-25-years-imprisonment via @WilsonChowdhry

In Phill Collins’s style:
“Oh, think twice,
’cause it’s another day for you and me in paradise”

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