In response to Pr. Aliev

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While Turks and Azerbaijanis’ resentments toward Armenians is of no hidden secret these days, on top of having been cleverly covering up the atrocities of the Armenian genocide, both Turkey and Azerbaijan are now pointing finger at Armenia as the aggressor in the conflict. Among all the  accusations brought against Armenia by Azerbaijan, one in particular has gotten my attention. 

It seems like, president Aliev have been trying to convince every one that there has never been any Armenians in the NagornoKarabakh and that they all have “migrated” from somewhere else. It is obvious to me that he is in a way trying to attack the legitimacy of the ethnic Armenians’ presence in the NagornoKarabakh.  It seems quite a  clever idea. After all with a doctorate degree in history from Moscow University, not many people may question the validity of Dr. Aliev’s argument! However, what he seems to be forgetting is his own words. I remember, not too long ago, when he made a statement that was completely the opposite of he is saying now. He himself made a statement saying in a soft tone, that the ethnic Armenian residents of NagornoKarabakh are (in his view) Azerbaijani citizens, and that they should not Be worried. 

In addition to that as a response to president Aliev’s attempt in erasing the Armenian history by denying their prior presence in NagornoKarabakh, I would like to remind President Aliev that once all of Caucus was under the Iranian rule including what is now the republic of Azerbaijan. I am not sure if any one would find those days as happy and prosperous. As I understand Khalil Ibrahim khan was from the Javanshir clan. And they seem to come from south eastern part of the Caucus. However the hierarchy system of the ruling class had been set in such a way that any one holding a position in the system had to be connected to the king in some way. I doubt that Khalil Ibrahim khan or any other Khans like him would hesitate to exploit, abuse, or even murder their indigenous population over whom they were ruling. But that is beside my point. Can somebody please explain to president Aliev that people do move. In fact all through the history of mankind, people have been moving around in search of better lives. As a result of that most of us descend from more than one ethnical as well as racial background. Although people and culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan seems to be a mixture of several differrent cultures and ethnicities, president Aliev insits on referring to his nation as “Turks”. Then together with Turkey forming an alliance against Armenia. Isn’t that exactly what Nazis (short for National Socialist which is Nazional Sozialist in German) Germany did by starting the World War II? Nevertheless since president Aliev insists on the issue of whether ethnic Armenians have the right to live in the NagornoKarabakh region, I have sought a second opinion and it comes from an expert:

“In conclusion, non-Armenian primary sources clearly demonstrate that the Armenians of Mountainous Karabakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) had an overwhelming majority in the region presently claimed by them long before 1828, as far back as the seventeenth century.(16) Scholars who deal with the issues of Karabakh and Nagorno-Karabakh would do well to respect this fact. “

Bournoutian, George. “The Politics of Demography: Misuse of Sources on the Armenian Population of Mountainous Karabakh.” Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, (1996, 1997 [1999]), p. 103.

In my opinion, president Aliev despite having a doctorate degree in history and from Moscow University, seems to be giving people some rather inaccurate information about the history of Armenians in the Caucus. I personally do not care to attend the same university he has attended, where he got his doctorate degree.

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