My opinion on NagornoKarabakh war

The main stream media talk about the NagornoKarabakh war or the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Meanwhile the Azerbaijani’s side has been oversimplifying the problem by blaming it all on the other side, or even worse make the Armenian look as the aggressors in this Greek tragedy_like reality. Why has the world been turning a blind eye on the atrocities committed by Turks against Armenians around the first world war, while similar act done by Serb was responded by NATO’s bombing of Belgrade. Bosnia was soon recognized by the international communities, while Nagorno_Karabakh’s independence has not. At the mean time, it seems to me that Turks and Azerbaijanis have continued with their acts of ethnic cleansing, as though determined to wipe the Armenians civilization all together. While maintaining their innocence both Turkey and Azerbaijan have been denying any involvement several attemps of ethnic cleansing against Armenians.

Cultural Genocide

President Ilham Aliev has long been making claims to undermine the Armenian cultural heritage and therefore erase their history. Azerbaijan’s hostility against Armenian heritage has shifted from words into action. Here I have some examples:

Destruction of Cultural Cites

Armenian Cemetery at Julfa

It seems that Azerbaijan under president Aliev has been trying to earse any trace of Armenian civilization as though it has never existed. The Armenian cemetary at Julfa was destroyed by Azeri forces in 2005. As of yet Azerbaijan has denied that Armenians ever existed in the area.

Dadivank Monastery

File:Klášterní komplex Dadivank – panoramio.jpg” by Martin Cígler is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
If Udis built 300 beautiful churches, then I assume they must have been a thriving civilization of craft’s men and builders.

President Aliev and his wife Mihriban Alieva seem to be obsessed with signing over Armenian cultural as well as religious cites to the Udi ethnic minority. I assume that, the way Turks and Azeris have been trying to wipe out the Christian Armenians, there is a chance that they have been making the same act of ethnic cleansing against the Udi christians in the past. Interestingly, Azerbaijan apparently has been eagerly trying to use the history to legitimize its act of ethnic cleansing and clearing the land of Armenians. President Aliev himself as an expert in the field of history (with a PHD in history from Moscow University), knowingg how passionate Armenians are about their holy sites, not being able to demolish churches, has ressorted to a new plan. Azerbaijan has been recently trying to assigen the ownership of Armenian churches to the Udi ethnic minority. That to me clearly seems to be an attempt of cultural genocide toward Armenians. Azerbaijan seems to be declaring Armenians’ places of worship as archelological cites for a group of people that are barely 6000 left of. Udis seem to be all that is left of Caucasian Albania’s early inhabitants.

It must have been an important day for the Udis. After all, they had finally reclaimed what was once theirs, besides it was Christmas. I would expect a large gathering. Instead, I noticed a rather humble gatherring at the Dadivank monastery. Such a small crowd for such a historical event. I wonder where the rest of Udis were on that day.

According to the Azerbaijanis propaganda supposedly there are 300 Udi churches in Azerbaijan alone. The civilization that built that They built so many beautiful churches and monasteries. They must have been craft men’s and builders. I wonder what happened to such an advanced civilization. Where did they go? Were they subjected to ethnic cleansing the same way Armenians have been? Armenians could not have done that, because according to President Aliev, “there has never been any Armenians in NagornoKarabakh”. So what happened to such an advanced civilization of builders and craft’s men? Where are the rest of Udis? Were they subjected to ethnic cleansing the same way Armenians were? Were Udis too massacred by the Turks in the same way Armenians were? Or is this perhaps another one of Aliev’s and Alieva’s propaganda attempts in order to erase what is left of Armenian culture and civilization? My conclusion is that, either Udis did not own all those churches and monasteries president Aliev and his wife claim they had, or there has been an act of genocide toward the Udis committed by the Turks of the Caucus, namely the ancestors of Azerbaijanis today. Armenians, are not a mere history or fiction. They are actual living people who have actually been going to those churches. and are worried for their safety, there fore not willing to live under his rule. President Aleiv has been persistently trying to convince every one that at some point of time in the history there were no Armenians in the Nagorno_Karabakh therefore there should not be any Armenians at all in that region today. Well that type of thinking sounds genocidal in nature. Doesn’t it? That type of thinking reminds me of Nazi ideologies and doctrines. With that mindset Hitler aimed at making Germany “purely Arian”. In its making, a heavy price was paid by every one (including Germans themselves).

President Aliev seems to not be able to grasp the reality that the overwhelming majority of Nagorno_karabakh’s inhabitants today do not wish to live under his Azerbaijan’s rule. Too often attempts of ethnic cleansing have been made against the Armenian residence of Azerbaijan in the past. It is of no surprise to me why ethnic Armenians do not wish to live under Aliev’s rule. Now, from what I understand Ilham Aliev is trying to turn Armenian Churches into “Albanian Christians'”. He doesn’t seem to have realized that, he may face a tough time finding enough Udi Christians to fill those churches. I am not even sure if that is what Udi christians want.

Hagia Sophia

Well may be Hagia Sophia should be turned back into a church and be handed to its original Greek owners. Well may be Hagia Sophia should be turned back into a church and be handed to its original Greek owners.

May be Istanbul should be renamed Constantinople and be handed back to Greeks? And finally with President Aliev and his wife’s doctrine, may b all of Turkey should be handed back to the Greeks, because at some point of time it was theirs. But I say we are all humans regarding the race and ethnicity, and humans have always been moving around. So let us cut the nonsense and get along. Shall we?

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