Human rights

Martin Luther King’s day

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would have been 92 years old. Although he is no longer with us, his legacy continues. InOne of my favorite quotes is:

“All men are created equal”Hansen, Drew (2005). The Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Speech that Inspired a Nation. HarperCollins. p. 98. ISBN 978-0-06-008477-6.

Although slavery in the United States had been long abolished, racial segregation had not.

Finally the law was changed to make segregation illegal.

I would like to remind every one that while some of us are taking our rights for granted, in other places such right are either considered as privilege or non existent at all.There are still places, where human beings are stripped off of their rights because of their race, ethnicity or their believes. What is happening these days in

NagornokarabakhRead my other article on Armenian and Greek genocide.
is a classic example for that.

I would like to thank those individuals who have been working hard everyday to improve human rights for the rest of us. May God reward their acts of righteousness.

I would like Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday to also be a day to fight against the injustice for the the violations of human rights of the ethnic Armenians as the Christian minority residents of the NagornoKarabakh. I would like to call the world to join us in fight to put a stop to the geographical expansion of religious fanaticism combined with the ambitions of ethnical, tribunal as well as racial supremacies nature carried out of hatred, as well as the violent act of ethnic cleansing that ranges from cultural genocide to mass murder. Unfortunately the Christian minorities, particularly of Armenian ethnicity seem to be the target. It has been happening in the NargornoKarabakh by those who possess dangerous ideas that to me are not much different than those of Adolf Hitler. Please help us stop the disaster before it is too late. And finally:

May God bless the one who sees and never turns a blind eye.

May God bless the one who hears and never remains silent.

May God bless the one who fight for those who are too weak to fight.

May God bless the one who cares about those whom no one cares about.

In the honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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