International Laws

From what I understand, unfortunately the United Nations as well as other international organizations to resolve a dispute or even injustice, do not work the same way local justices system works. Say during a trial, the juriors are pretty much insolated and have to make their decisions behind the close doors, and the decision will be made anonymously to the defenseteam. Just in case the one of the parties des not like the verdic, he/she can not go after the juror who voted against him because jurors’ identity is kept confidential.

Now say United Nation, general assembly. Aliev is able to meet with members and even bribe them.The same he can do with the members of the so called Security Council. Therefore unfortunately it is of no surprise to me that Azerbaijan has gotten away with his misdeeds and the Artsakh’s independence has not yet been recognized. I am not even sure if France is going to recognize its independence. Right after Aliev contacted the president Macron, we all started hearing crickets. If any one has any updates about France’s position toward Artsakh’s independence, please be my guest and share the information. Otherwise lets wake up and smell the coffee. Lets not be naive.

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